School Spotlight: O Parque Lisbon Bilingual School

logo_OParqueBilingualSchoolsBuilding a great Project Based Learning tool for educators is pretty awesome. What’s even better is getting to know some of the educators that not only pioneer PBL in their classroom but also chose to do it through Ignite Teaching.


We had the opportunity to catch up with Ms. Marques who is a 4th grade teacher at O Parque Lisbon Bilingual School which has campuses all over Portugal. O Parque is an impressively progressive school, whose mission really resonates with us. Examples include;

  1. Cultivate an environment in which children are happy and acquire the taste for learning; where each student is monitored individually and have the opportunity to build their own educational path
  2. Take advantage of new technology, promoting their right and safe use and integration as an educational tool
  3. Promote collaboration and interactivity between peers, between the educational community and families
  4. Adapt to a changing world and prepare students to confront challenges and seize opportunities

I certainly would want my daughter to live in a world where she’s taught those values from a very young age.

Here’s what Ms. Marques had to say about her experience with Ignite Teaching:

Our school started using iPads last September on a 1:1 basis and we’ve been on an amazing ride since then. We do a lot of Project Based Learning and Ignite has been a great tool for students to be able to collaborate in groups but also work independently by contributing to one document on the same platform. Our students are 4th grade second language learners and tools like Ignite give them a place to be creative, express their research and share their findings.

Amazing. Thank you Ms. Marques and to all of you who continue to support us. You inspire us. And we’re only going to get better. We promise.

You can follow O Parque’s learning journey with technology on their blog. There’s a collection of insightful and informational posts are definitely worth a read.

Here’s some impressive projects from her 4th graders:




School Spotlight: O Parque Lisbon Bilingual School

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